Two little birds are born and before long have the urge to fly. One night, they see overhead a long stream of birds flying south for the annual migration. They manage to fly beyond all they know but are knocked out of the sky by a rain storm. They sense that they are lost but they get back on track "by doing what little birds do: they skipped, they scouted, they flew." Eventually, these two discover a warm paradise where others have already arrived. Then, when they are ready they make the trip back north again.

Mary Newell DePalma, the writer and illustrator of this edifying picture book for children from 4 to 8 years of age, reveals her fondness for these plucky and resilient creatures. She has based this story on the annual migration at night of orchard orioles from the northeastern United States to Central America and back. In a note to the reader, she writes:

"We share our planet with these indomitable little individuals, and yet there is still much we do not know about bird migration. Be curious! We journey together."