Amy Eilbeg is the first woman ordained as a Conservative Rabbi by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. After many years of work in pastoral care, hospice, and spiritual direction, Rabbi Eilberg now directs interfaith programs in Minneapolis/St. Paul. She also is adjunct faculty at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities and St. Catherine University.

The greatest heroism according to the Jewish and Muslim faiths is to "transform an enemy into a friend, to move from hatred to caring, from suspicion and fear, beyond tolerance, to embrace of the other." This substantive paperback recounts Eilberg's seven years of pursuing peace in her life and work, drawing on her perspective as rabbi and spiritual teacher. The author has grounded the material in her own experiences in conflict management, classical Jewish texts on peacemaking, and peace and conflict theory.

Eilberg begins with the conflict between faith communities, looks at the different ideological lines within the North American Jewish community on the subject of Israel, and then hits high stride with the pursuit of peace as a spiritual practice. She believes that when Israelis and Palestinians are in dialogue that they stretch to respect each other's understandings and fears. The spiritual practices of kindness, compassion, openness, and forgiveness provide many new avenues for a more peaceful earth.