Tina Gilbertson is a psychotherapist and workshop leader offering individual therapy and classes for personal growth. Constructive Wallowing is her first book and it is a gem!

Most of us have been trained by our families and our culture to reject bad feelings such as anger, regret, and fear. Gilbertson agrees with those who find healing power and renewed energy through acknowledging and experiencing these emotions. She shares a T-R-U-T-H Technique she has created for constructive wallowing:
• Tell yourself the situation
• Realize what you're feeling.
• Uncover self-criticism.
• Try to understand yourself.
• Have the feeling.

In two of the most practical chapters, Gilbertson presents the "Top 12 Wallowing Worries" and a "Wallowing Workout with Ten Activities for Heart and Mind." She makes a good case for why embracing negative emotions leads to wholeness.