In a note to parents and caregivers, Jeffrey Bone and Lisa Bone, psychologists in private practice, note that this paperback "takes readers on a poetic journey gently questioning the rigid construction of gender roles and inspiring readers to access their own imaginations and challenge societal expectations." They see gender roles as conveyed by a set of learned behaviors, promoted by the media, and "defined through dress, grooming, play, family structure, challenges and purpose."

In the poem, the Bones point out that not every princess lives in a castle, not every pirate sails ships, and not all superheroes fly. But by opening their minds and using their imaginations, children can see all the adventures and all the diversity in this world.

The Bones suggest steps which parents can take to encourage their children to move beyond stereotypes and gender prisons: talk with girls about the exciting options of being engineers or boys of being kindergarten teachers. Take kids to museums, cross-cultural events and ethnic restaurants so they can see and savor diversity. The poem and commentary in Not Every Princess is aimed at children ages 4-8.

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