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Swearing Off Snark An exercise for breaking the cycle of unkind, vain, or foolish conversation.
Stardom A Canadian film that satirizes the vacuousness of celebrityhood through the story of the global triumph of a supermodel.
eXistenZ A sci-fi thriller that challenges us to ponder the propensity we all have for surrendering ourselves to cheap thrills as a substitute for the boredom of reality.
Trekkies Reveals the desperate lengths people will go to find a sense of meaning and community in their lives: here entertainment becomes a surrogate religion.
FairyTale: A True Story An enticing drama about the eternal clash between reason and the magical realm of enchantment.
The Icicle Thief Offers a clever look at the media and its impact on our lives.
Being There A very funny and thought provoking movie that can be seen as a fairy tale, a political story, and a religious parable on the nature of identity in a media age.
Nurse Betty A film that explores transformation.
People I Know Hits the mark with its sophisticated depiction of a worn-out PR agent trying to redeem his sad and sorry life by orchestrating a fundraiser for some unjustly detained Nigerians.
The Tao of Elvis An entertaining and illuminating psychological work challenging us to begin the inner work of balancing the opposing tendencies within under the auspices of Taoist insights.