Rodeo Red reframes the familiar subject of sibling rivalry by putting it is a flashy and funny form of a cowboy Western. Rodeo Red is a perky little girl who adores Rusty, her stuffed hound dog. He is her best friend and they are "happier than two buttons on a new shirt."

Then a stranger, Sideswiping Slim, shows up and he has the support of the Sheriff and her deputy. After laying low for a while, the baby troublemaker starts messing with Rodeo Red's stuff. That's okay until he grabs Rusty. Rodeo Red tries to retrieve her trusty companion but fails. Then good fortune comes her way in a belated birthday gift from Aunt Sal. Rodeo Red comes up with a nifty plan to get Rusty back.

In her first children's picture book, Maripat Perkins puts to good use her experience as a former Montessori teacher. This spunky re-visioning of a little girl's jealousy over the arrival of a little attention-getting brother hits the mark. The delightful illustrations are by Molly Idle who won acclaim for Flora and the Flamingo, a Caldicott Honor Book. This emotionally honest children's picture book has been designed for kids from 4 through 8 years of age.