Linda Marella-Whitsett is a Unity minister and spiritual teacher with a parish in San Antonio, Texas. Her first book How To Pray Without Talking to God won a 2011 Best Spiritual Author competition. Visit her at

She ends her introduction to this exploration of light with a nice blessing:

"However you choose to approach Divine Audacity may your study and practice enrich your life. May you audaciously shine the light of love, life, wisdom, and all spiritual powers moment by moment, choice by choice."

Martella-Whitsett defines divine audacity as "bold spiritual living, living under the radial premise that I AM divine." Thanks to this graceful gift, we can fulfill the calling to be the light of the world. With large reserves of energy, she profiles each of the Twelve Powers developed by Charles Fillmore, the Christian metaphysical teacher and founder of the Unity movement.

The challenge of life is to activate these spiritual powers in our daily activities. Among them are the light of faith (the power of perception, conviction, and expectancy), the light of understanding (the power of comprehension, realization, and insight), the light of will (the power of choice, commitment, and willingness), the light of imagination (the power of conception, vision, and embodiment), and the light of wisdom (the power of judgment and discernment).

Along the way, Marella-Whitsett shares practices, affirmations, and quotations to take to heart. Near the end of this enthusiastic work, she shares this affirmation from A Course in Miracles, Lesson 237: "Today I will accept the truth about myself. I will arise in glory and allow the light in me to shine upon the world throughout the day."