Everyday spirituality is a staple in the teachings of Pema Chodron, a Tibetan Buddhist nun and resident teacher at Gampo Abbey Monastery.

When is the best time to practice? In each moment of the day and with every event or experience that offers you a chance to be open to what presents itself to you.

In this four-hour program presented on four CDs, Pema Chodron discusses four guidelines for dealing with situations where your spiritual ideals are under fire. Session One deals with the art of "Stabilizing the Mind" which involves extending your awareness, living with distraction, and knowing what is going on around and within you.

Session Two centers on "Developing Unconditional Friendship with Yourself." This is not an easy task in a culture where guilt and shame and humiliation are often the name of the game. She looks at the universal desire for happiness, the F.E.A.R. practice, and the importance of gentleness and kindness.

"Freedom from Fixed Mind" is the focus of Session Three; it includes a guided exercise. The last segment, "Taking Care of One Another," has an ethical dimension.