The "People's Pope" John XXIII (1881-1963), who was canonized a saint in 2014, was a committed and dedicated practitioner of everyday spirituality. He kept a diary for 67 years in which he explored his deep desire for holiness and his overwhelming response to the grace of God. His life was characterized by humility, kindness, and service of others.

This exquisite children's picture book with lovely illustrations by Bimba Landmann contains Saint John XXIII's "Decalogue for Daily Living." It is a poetic and contemplative collection of ways to live each day fully. Among his intentions are devoting ten minutes to sitting in silence and listening to God, doing one good deed and telling no one about it, doing at least one thing he did not enjoy, guarding against haste and indecision, pondering the fact that God cares and looks after us all, having no fears, and more.

This is a spiritual classic that belongs in the homes of all spiritual explorers!