People all over the world have used symbols to reveal the things that have great meaning to them. In this snappy and polished paperback, English columnist Kirsten Riddle presents a directory of the images and ideas handed down to us from the world's traditions. She covers Celtic, Egyptian, Norse, Slavic, Greek and Roman, and African signs and symbols. There are also chapters on universal ones such as the acorn, evil eye, heart, horseshoe, four-leaf clover, and more.

Symbols, according to the author, "are inherent to who we are, binding us together, and providing a sense of unity and completion. They give us an insight into cultural history, helping us understand the past, where we came from, and who we are today. They help us see the magic in our everyday existence."

Each sign or symbol is explained with a full-color illustration, pronunciation guide, history, explanation of its meaning, ritual using it, and magical tip. Best of all, Riddle explains how we might discover our own personal symbols and work with them on our spiritual journey.