Deborah Zucker is a naturopathic physician and transformational health coach who helps conscious, compassionate people revolutionize their health. As the founder of Vital Medicine, she offers many virtual and retreat-based programs. To learn more about her work, visit

Zucker is firmly convinced that our health is linked not only to what we eat, when we exercise, or how we handle stress. It is also "inextricably linked to your relationship with every aspect of your life. If you are struggling in work, it is going to affect your state of vitality. If you are navigating a relationship transition, it is going to affect your vitality. Health is every aspect of you and your unique life — how you live, breathe, work, relate, and serve."

In light of this holistic approach to health, self-care is very important.
Zucker sees the path of deep health as a sacred journey demanding commitment, study, and practice. Its foundation is spelled out in the 9 Keys to Deep Vitality;

1. Honoring Your Unique Life
2. Facing and Embracing Your Shadows
3, Strengthening Your Self-Awareness Muscles
4. Cultivating Resilience
5. Aligning with Your "Yes."
6. Experimenting with Playful Curiosity
7. Discovering Easeful Discipline
8. Inviting Support and Connection
9. Living Like You Matter

The Vitality Map provides a holistic path to a full spectrum life where mind, body, soul, and spirit work together. Zucker mixes light with dark and honors all the forces that we encounter on a daily basis. One of our favorite chapters is "Aligning with Your 'Yes!" where positivity fuels the energy of vitality and manifests itself as a thriving human being!

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