Rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations have their genesis in the movements of the soul and our deep need to express emotions and intuitions in story, symbol, and action. They honor our connections with God, others, community, nature, the world, and the whole cosmic dance.

Ritual need not be complicated or bound by tradition. It can be as simple as a grace said before a meal or as elaborate as a day-long wedding celebration.

Sheri Reda and Charlotte Eulette are the editors of this top-drawer selection of ceremonies created by graduates of a seven-month web-based educational program whereby students are trained in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, mythology, and public speaking. Celebrant Foundation and Institute in Montclair, New Jersey, has educated more than 1,000 Life-Cycle Celebrants who preside over 30,000 ceremonies each year.

The materials in this paperback convey the ways in which rituals can be used to mark the personal and professional milestones in people's lives. Six sections house the diverse and creative ceremonies:

  • Ceremonial Space: A Neighborhood Pilgrimage, Finding Spirit in Leaves & Berries, Memory Walk, and others
  • Honoring the Elements: A Celtic Imbolc Celebration, Gratitude Offering to Trees, Centering with Solstice Mandalas, and others
  • Connecting with Yourselves and Others: Interdependence Days, For Those Who Work Alone, Holding Up the Mirror, and others
  • Roots & Wings: Building Familes with Sand, How to Honor the Elders in Your Family, Celebrate Your Canine Companions, and others
  • Personal Growth: Morning Happiness Ritual, Lead with Your Dominant Paw, Celebrate the Ordinarius, and others
  • Honoring Transitions: A Ritual for New Beginnings, Honoring the Silent Loss, Letting Go into the River of Life