"A child is a small person. They are only small for a little while, then they grow up," writes Beatrice Alemagna in this elegantly illustrated children's book. Some children want to be adults as soon as possible while others are pleased to linger in the pleasures of being young.

According to the author, a child has small hands, feet, and ears but their ideas are very mobile and gigantic! Perhaps that explains their penchant for wanting to have shiny shoes, to eat lollipops for breakfast, and to hear the same story every evening. What about the expression of emotions? The answer is: "They cry loudly to make sure they are heard." They want to be listened to "with eyes wide open."

One of the many keen gifts of childhood is that "they keep a mystery inside them. So that even as grown-ups they will be moved by little things: a ray of sunshine or a snowflake." In this wonderful children's book, Beatrice Alemagda challenges us to encounter the child within and to exercise our memories, delights, and gratitude. You may well find that this magical book will lift your spirits and send you on your way rejoicing!