Hedgehog is a lonely little creature who sleeps in the lonely little nook of a lonely little tree. Hearing that the Friend Ship is out there in the wide world, she decides to sail the seas in search of this mysterious vessel. A beaver who also wants a friend joins the hedgehog in her quest. Then a herd of migrating deer and a rat who all need friends get on board. The animals are accommodating to any others who want to join them.

But after a few days at sea and no sign of the Friend Ship, hedgehog wishes she could curl into a ball and hide. All of the animals encourage her and on a very small island inhabited by an elephant, our heroine has an epiphany about the Friend Ship and her quest.

The Friend Ship is an enchanting picture book written by Kat Yeh for children from three to five years old. Chuck Groenink provided the playful illustrations of the voyage. Of course, the moral of this spunky tale is to stay awake for what you are seeking is often right in front of you.