Khi Armand is a professional shamanic practitioner and hoodoo root doctor within the Southern Conjure tradition of American folk magic.

With commendable vigor, he begins with a summary of the basic tenets of animistic cosmologies and then takes a brief look at the doctrine of signatures, plant spirit consciousness, and the ties which bind the activities of those who practice folk magic.

Armand sees living spaces as hallowed places which deserve the same amount of care and nurturing as his spirituality. After looking at some of the tools which have proven to work in his interactions with spaces, he covers acts of cleansing, cleaning, the removal of energetic debris, and the climactic renewal of a space. Specific instructions and recipes are given for floor washes, space clearing sprays, and smudging.

Next, the author explains the need to protect the home from intrusive energies such as hauntings and other disturbances. Armand has respect for these dark forces. He lists talismans, amulets, and wards that have been used in different cultures. He also encourages us to recognize the good spirits, angels and saints which are at hand to work healing acts of environmental remediation. A house blessing is offered using frankincense and myrrh.

Clearing Spaces is a handy and enlightening guide to the multidimensional task of taking good care of the place where you live. It is lavishly illustrated with full-color images.