Herodotus is a curious little hedgehog who finds everything around him in the forest very interesting. One day he sees a bear dancing around and saying, "Oh, Mighty Bear Spirit, who protects us, who makes us strong, please accept this fruit and honey."

Now Herodotus is very interested! He wants to know if other animals have their own Great Spirits, so he asks fox, weasel, raven, and others. Each Great Spirit seems to be suited to its animal. For example, the sheep explain, "Our Great Spirit gave us the gift of love! We are peaceful. And no one wants to stand out. What's good for one sheep is good for the flock."

Herodotus visits his friend Venerable, an old hedgehog, to find out about the Great Hedgehog Spirit. He learns that his kind are humble creatures, who really know one thing for certain: the sun rises and sets. Eventually his quest leads him to sit in silence to figure out what he believes. This clever picture book encourages children to consider the big questions of life – What do I like? Who is like me? What do I believe in? – from a variety of perspectives. Herodotus's relationship with the elder hedgehog is also something to emulate.