When Pope Francis released his 2015 encyclical "Laudate Si'," he lifted the spirits of all those seeking hope and a change of direction in our relationship with the good earth and all its creatures. In this inspiring paperback, Pope Francis presents his vision of the challenges we face in climate change and other highly ethical dilemmas brought on by human hubris, greed, and short-term thinking.

Pope Francis believes we are at a turning point in human history where we must ditch the widespread economic inequality in our society, the scandal of hunger, and the exploitation of the environment. These developments have become the foundations of the "culture of waste" which has now become not only discarding of food but also the shameful treatment of the environment. Instead, Pope Francis urges us to contribute to the welfare and the common good.

Pope Francis heralds the possibility that women and men of good will can contribute to the dream of "an ecological citizenship," caring for nature and all beings through love. He concludes with a glimpse of what he sees as "the spiritual dimension of life," calling for a prophetic and contemplative lifestyle, reconciliation, keeping hope alive, and unspooling a revolution of tenderness.