This National Parenting Product Award Winner (NAPPA) helps children ages 4 - 8 years old learn to build calm and composure. When the bees of the hive zip outside for their daily chores, Bentley defers. He buzzes on over to the garden, finds a daffodil petal on which to land, and sits down with his eyes closed. Soon other curious insects and animals gather around, wondering what he's doing, giving him a chance to explain how meditation helps him stay focused.

While we hesitated over a couple of the book's messages, we chose to chalk them up to positive attributes. Everybody else is working while Bentley relaxes? Well, the world would be a better place if fewer of us exhibited workaholism. Bentley interrupts his meditation to chat with his friends? Well, maybe kindness and hospitality are more important to him than concentration even is. After all, he does succeed in getting the other animals and even the queen bee to meditate.

Bee Still comes courtesty of the American Psychological Association's Magination Press, one of our favorite publishers. As always, they include helpful notes for parents and caregivers at the end: in this case, about what meditation is and how to teach your child to meditate.