I (Frederic) have been fortunate to have a life animated by energy, vitality, enthusiasm and zeal. I have not used these resources for athletic activity but have put all my energy into my work with the goal of deepening and enriching the spiritual journeys of others.

My vigor is expressed through reading, writing, creativity, imagination, and spiritual practice. Age has certainly diminished my resources and slowed me down quite a bit. But when my emotional energy kicks in, I feel alert, positive, and full of hope.

Jo Salter, the author of this paperback, is a motivational speaker and Britain's first female fast-jet flyer. She was voted by Harpers and Queen magazine as "one of the 50 most inspiring women in the world." She's clearly qualified to write this overview of the impact of energy on our lives.

Salter outlines our six energy profiles (physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, personal, and spiritual). She presents "energy profiles," ways to deal with "energy stoppers," material on balance, feeding your brain, and making the most of "complementary energizers."

She has lots of practical tips. For example, in a chapter on energizing your space, she covers clearing clutter, making sure you are sitting comfortably, freshening your air, and purifying your atmosphere with plants.

Bring your energy front-and-center by reading this book!