Muhammad Mojlum Khan is a literary critic and researcher in Islamic thought and history. He is also a prolific writer, having written more than 100 essays and articles on Islam, comparative religion, contemporary thought, and current affairs, as well as The Muslim 100 and The Muslim Heritage of Bengal.

In Great Muslims of the West, Khan points out that much of Western culture, civilization, and history — even as presented by renowned scholars — is exceptionalist and factually inaccurate in its minimalization or deletion of Muslim contributions. Thus, he highlights the lives and achievements of 50 Muslim men and women whose lives “contributed substantially to the development and progress of Western Islam.”

Through the lives of these prominent Muslims, Khan renders an informative and egalitarian history of the Western world. In giving us the stories of Muslim explorers, poets, polymaths, philosophers, physicians, geographers, scholars, athletes, and more, Khan demonstrates the diversity of Muslim influence on the West. Through glimpses into the thoughts and lives of these men and women, Khan offers inspiration to all those motivated to live their faith and spirituality in a way that contributes to the betterment of others.