You can almost feel the wind blowing on your neck and the sun warming your hands when you are reading this book. The author of this down-to-earth paperback has worked for nearly six decades helping tens of thousands of men and women master the arts of teamwork, resilience, self-confidence, and adhering to the principle of the common good.

Brown guides people through the natural world as they square off against obstacles and setbacks. Among those he has worked with profiled here are business steward Laura Kohler, Home Depot cofounder Arthur Bank, and former United States Senator Mark Udall. All three were able to make the most of the training by transferring what they learned in the wilderness to challenges in the workplace.

A familiar quotation from Mahatma Gandhi signals Outward Bound's service of others: "The best way to find yourself is lose oneself in the service of others." The talented individuals in this program serve a higher calling and prepare the way for those who follow. As they struggle to bring community alive, these stalwart souls leave their egos behind and model vulnerability.

The rest of the book demonstrates how these men and women keep on learning while they are leading, demonstrating how curiosity can be a leadership skill. This well-written book lifts up and celebrates Outward Bound's core values: integrity, excellence, and, above all, compassion.