We are facing an energy crisis brought on by depression, drug addiction, fear about the present moment, and uncertainty about the future. Jolene Hart, a health coach and beauty editor, is convinced that energy can turn our lives around once we see it as:

  • A fresh approach to recharging and refueling your body
  • Your most important reason to prioritize self-care
  • A new way to think about giving back
  • A deeper understanding of beauty and the way you age
  • An overlooked catalyst for healing
  • A connection between you and the world
  • Your truest self

With vigor and impressive rigor, Hart presents 13 lifelong spurs to personal energy including relationships, interior spaces, breath, movement, food, colors, music, play, and laughter.

We found the author's suggestions on "Your Energetic Day" (Sunrise, Daylight, Sunset, and Moonlight) to be a practical and poetic way of challenging readers to make the most of these time periods. (See the excerpt for a quiz.) As a special added treat Hart spices up her overview of energy with some recipes designed to bring more vitality to our bodies.