There is a long and rich tradition of spiritual bathing in all the world's wisdom traditions. This activity becomes devotional when we combine water, prayer, and ritual.

Dakota Hills and Sierra Brashear describe this book as a resource "inspired by living in alignment with the lunar cycle" and "offering earth-integrated rituals that support reconnecting with yourself through the rhythms of nature."

The authors welcome readers to what they call the modern bathing renaissance where immersing ourselves in warm water, utilizing botanicals, salts, and essentials oils, connects us with the cosmos. Hills and Brashear present bathing rituals structured around the New Moon (Ether and Air), Waxing Moon (Earth), Full Moon (Fire), and Waning Moon (Water). Each section has four baths with recommended recipes. Even more value is added through 16 affirmations used to set intentions in motion and reflection questions for journaling. These rituals can be used for detoxification, to cultivate love, to release negativity, and to draw out your inner wisdom.