This book’s title comes from a project started by the author online, housed at a website with courses, a blog, and weekly virtual circle gatherings. Both author and book seem to be filled with compassion and emotional intelligence. It’s difficult to imagine anyone for whom this wisdom wouldn’t be helpful.

Becky Vollmer writes about working in the corporate world, and then leaving it gratefully behind. She writes about getting sober and about being a parent. She advises her readers to listen to themselves always and to “sound the alarm on creeping normality.”

She knows how people can be: “Trouble is, you’re a busy person and not always in the frame of mind to slow down and listen. You’ve got things to do, what with the job and the family and the bills and whatnot.” Still, warning bells go off, telling us to shake out of our habits, good and bad, and make our lives more meaningful. “An inner uprising is agonizing to endure,” as Vollmer puts it. But she urgently advises, “you’ve got to listen to the voice within shouting.”

Chapters on “shoulds,” knowing what you want, fear, understanding yourself, making good choices, self-care, and boundaries all point toward a final, immensely helpful chapter 10 called “Putting It All Together.”