A Future We Can Love Wisdom about justice and presence from two spiritual leaders, generations apart.
A Master Class on Being Human A dialog that proves adults can still listen, learn, and change.
A Wild Path Essays that nurture wilderness in the soul.
Always Sisters A gentle, tender tale about the ache of pregnancy loss. For Children
An American Story A fiercely honest look at the history of slavery and resilience. For Children
Ancestory A breathtaking journey through ancient rock art, with an emphasis on carefully protecting it. For Children
Ancient Night A timeless new myth about moonlight, drawn from Mesoamerican lore. For Children
Awe A call to improve mental and physical health through the experience of awe.
Becoming Ella Fitzgerald A biography of the jazz singer who transformed American song.
bell hooks' Spiritual Vision Teachings on love as an expansive spiritual practice.
Big Tree The epic quest of two tiny seeds to discover their destinies in a vast panorama of time. For Children
Casting Indra's Net A pathway to overcoming our current polarization.
Christmas at the Nativity A celebration of the humble God who identifies with human beings.
Come Forth A thorough exploration of the God of new life.
Cradled in the Arms of Compassion Practices discovered by a professor of spiritual formation that helped him heal from childhood sexual abuse.
Curveball Redefining ‘crises of faith’ as opportunities for Christianity’s growth.
Dear Mama God Expressions of thanks to the Mother of us all. For Children
Death Nesting Spiritual and practical guidance for caring for someone at the end of life.
Embodying Tara A volume on sacred feminine wisdom and compassion.
Enchantment An inspiring call to re-enchant our worlds.
Finding the Words Advice on grieving well by learning to talk about it.
Flipflopi An inspiring true story of eco-ingenuity. For Children
Grandpa's Window A sensitive depiction of a child's grief eased by her art. For Children
Heart Berry Bling Anishinaabe culture conveyed through a grandmother's sharing her love of beading with her granddaughter. For Children
Heart to Heart A collection of crucial (and adorable) ecological wisdom.
Hello, Mister Blue Insight into how to see, know, and love our neighbor, including those without homes. For Children
Holy Runaways Suggestions for finding God after leaving church.
I Am Earth's Keeper A poetic journey through glorious vistas that remind us to connect with and care for creation. For Children
Jesus, Companion in My Suffering A spiritual retreat on how to love others with our broken-open hearts.
Loving Our Own Bones Fresh reflections on disability and spirituality.
Meister Eckhart’s Book of Darkness & Light Re-voicings as poetry of the key themes and unconventional understandings in Meister Eckhart’s thought.
More than Words A welcoming, inclusive view of many modes of communication. For Children
My Baba's Garden An evocative book about heart-to-heart communication between a Baba and her grandson. For Children
My Body and Other Crumbling Empires A book of compassion for your body, ailments and all.
No World Too Big Poetry and prose about the inspiring efforts of young visionaries. For Children
Oak and Lotus An interspiritual guide to encounters between East and West.
Practice the Pause Teachings on the Gospel, centering, and neuroscience.
Remember A poem that reminds us who we are on this generous Earth. For Children
Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto A call to napping as a protest against capitalism and white supremacy.
Say One Kind Thing A book about speaking to yourself with compassion.
Sit in the Sun A human’s observations of his cats’ behaviors that can be seen as spiritual practices.
Skating on Thin Ice Teachings on the path of self-realization based on personal experiences and spiritual practices.
Spirit Wheel An elder's summary of the mysteries he's discovered.
Teilhard de Chardin A collection of prayers for communion with evolution's God.
The Art and Life of Hilma af Klint A fascinating biography of an artist who was ahead of her time. For Children
The Asking A thick collection from a poet of wonder and compassion.
The Eloquence of Silence Forty stories and thoughts from many sources plus commentaries illuminating the value of emptiness in daily life.
The Gospel according to James Baldwin An excellent summary of Baldwin's prophetic witness.
The Healing Path A treasure trove for those seeking healing.
The Honey Jar A story of the love and an heirloom that sustain a refugee family through nearly unbearable losses. For Children
The Hospital Book A lively mix of humor, honesty, and sympathy around the experience of a first hospitalization. For Children
The Kabbalah of Writing Insights and writing prompts that lead to spiritual awakening.
The Key to Creativity A celebration of idleness and boredom.
The Love of Thousands A guide to finding companions beyond the visible world.
The Moon Is a Ball Endearing tales of two (nearly) inseparable friends. For Children
The Mysterion A masterwork on the Sufi worldview as taught by Rumi and practiced through everyday spirituality.
The Tibetan Book of the Dead for Beginners A presentation of the most essential teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.
The Voices of Nature Observations that show the connections among species.
The Wandering Mind An exploration of ancient practices for paying attention to the now.
The Wisdom of Morrie A collection of insights from a retired sociology professor.
This Here Flesh A call to embodiment and a spirituality of rage, lament, and justice.
Unraveling A memoir about spinning wool for wholeness, justice, and understanding.
Whatever Comes Tomorrow Guidance for children who need a break from worries. For Children
Wild Grace Verse descriptions of how a relationship with God might feel.
Wild Yoga A call to connect to the Earth through yoga.
With the Best of Intentions Practical guidance on hospitality in interreligious encounters.
You Are Not Stuck Advice for clearing away your blockages.
Your Body Is a Revolution An invitation to discover the intuitive voice inside our bodies.
Your Heart Was Made for This A guide to practical applications of Buddhist meditation.
Zero at the Bone A pathway to working through everyday, ordinary despair.