Author Rachel Stafford wants you to find your joy again. To be human is to live with instability, uncertainty, and a sense of personal overload, but Stafford says joy is still possible. In fact, more than simply possible.

“You are not alone in how you feel,” she writes, and “You are not alone in what you seek.” The path to joy is finding the “reset button.”

Stafford is a New York Times bestselling author of previous books, certified special education teacher, and popular blogger and spiritual influencer on social media.

She makes the journey and the process personal, funny, and relatable. At the start of the book, for instance, is a how-to guide with four steps: “personalize your path; remember you are not alone; explore with self-compassion; and visualize your journey.”

Chapters are then filled with spiritual practices, long and short anecdotes and personal reflections, lists of affirmations styled as poems, teaching illustrations, “notes to ponder” (the author’s jottings that will likely mirror your own thoughts and feelings), ideas for “reconnecting” with others; plus many “assurances” designed to impart confidence. Many books attempt to companion the reader along a spiritual process, but this one does it extraordinarily well.

For example, we found the list of “loving truths” to “hydrate your weary heart” powerful and enlightening. See also the excerpt accompanying this review: “Recognizing that we have a choice each day.”