This is one of those books that is not at all about religion or spirituality, but then again, is all about religion and spirituality.

Three Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy practices — Connections, Enthusiasm, and Listening — are made possible by healthy communications, and that is what author Sam Horn seeks to help you embody with her new book.

Horn founded a training institute thirty years ago called Tongue Fu!, offering online classes and workshops at large corporations. This book stems from that work, and both stem from her childhood in which, as she explains, her parents “were embroiled in a cold war” of emotional stiltedness and very little talking about it.

Horn writes, “I learned to talk on eggshells,” which means, “constantly being on edge because you’re trying to say the right thing and worrying you’ll say the wrong thing.”

Horn directs you to discover how to have honest conversations instead of ignoring what is uncomfortable happening around you. She also tackles how to say what you mean in the moment, without always second-guessing yourself as well as others. And she offers guidance on holding others accountable to communicate appropriately, directly, and honestly with you, just as you hold yourself accountable to do this for yourself and the world.

Dozens of practical, everyday topics and situations are addressed, such as “Using amplification to be heard,” “Showing up and speaking up — even if you’re afraid,” and “Six ways to contribute at meetings so you’re heard, seen, and valued.” We can imagine companies gifting this book to every new team member.