John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America and founder of EarthSave International, states the purpose of this hard-hitting, counter-cultural book: "to provide solid, reliable information for the struggle to achieve a world where the health of people and the Earth community is more important than the profit margins of any industry, where basic human needs take precedence over corporate greed."

Eating whole foods, high-fiber, plant-based diets has become a conscious spiritual choice for millions of people who are appalled by the health risk posed by a meat and dairy diet — not to mention the harm done to the environment by the industries needed to support it. With the ardor of a zealot, Robbins presents a stinging critique of the dangers associated with many of today's foods. He charts the connection between diet and breast, lung, and colon cancer; reviews the growing incidence of food-borne illnesses every year from meat and poultry contaminated with E. coli, Campylobacter, and Listeria; exposes the calcium conspiracy of the dairy industry and the dangers of low carbohydrate diets; and reveals the cattle and chicken industry's culpability in ground water and air pollution. The author also shares the latest information about the dangers of genetically altered foods. This is important since two-thirds of the foods sold in U.S. supermarkets now include genetically modified substances. Most of them aren't labeled as such.

Although many people express concern over world hunger, global warming, and cruelty to animals, they don't always make the connection between those problems and what they are eating. Robbins promotes another way: "To me the best diet is one that connects us to our humanity and helps us to feel grateful for the gift of life." Share this ethically charged masterwork with family members and friends. Every food choice we make has to do with compassion for our bodies, for animals, for the hungry people of the world, and for future generations. Start today.