Dr. Susan Muto is executive director of the Epiphany Association, an ecumenical center dedicated to spiritual formation. She is the author of 16 books including John of the Cross for Today and Womanspirit. In this five-hour audio presentation, she probes the mystical explorations of St. John of the Cross, the sixteenth century lover of God and healer of souls.

Muto's spiritual reading of "the dark night of the soul" is masterful and enlightening. It has much to say to a generation of baby boomers who are facing the slowdowns and setbacks of elderhood. We can experience the night and darkness as dispensers of transformation and renewal. Our struggles and our suffering teach us submission to God and openness to mystery.

Tapping into four great works by St. John of the Cross, Muto delineates his understanding of the ladder of contemplative love. She concludes with an assessment of the ten rungs on the mystical ladder of love including longing for God, performing good works with fervor, burning gently in God, and seeing God clearly.

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