Buddhist teacher Christopher Titmuss has assembled this handy and helpful resource people on a spiritual journey. It contains a full color 64-page book, assorted incense cones, a bell, prayer beads, and a mandala drawing. The book is divided into four sections: the tools, reflection, mediation, and daily life.

Titmuss begins by explaining how the enclosed tools can encourage spiritual awareness. The senses are openings to the mystery of life and inner peace. He links the eyes to the mandala, an integrated drawing that signals the interconnectedness of life. The ears hear bells that serve as an opportunity to ponder the impermanence of our experiences. The nose smells incense which can be a pointer to the holiness of life. By touching beads in prayer, we pay attention to things that matter. These tools can be used, according to the author, as instruments for spiritual awareness.

Titmuss presents his ideas on how to make the most of meditation and resolutions. These spiritual practices are very beneficial in the maintenance of a clear mind and an intentional life. The author recalls a Buddhist monk in Thailand who told him once that the whole earth was his temple: "The sky was the roof, the earth was the floor, and the trees and mountains were the pillars of the temple. He had a wonderful sense of holiness as the center of life. He also said that humanity was his congregation and added that it was a pity so few people realize that we are all in the same congregation. His spiritual teacher commented: 'We are all brothers and sisters in birth, aging, pain and death.' " What an inspiring image of the unitive consciousness! The Little Book of Inner Calm is a treasure.