Swami Rama was born in the Himalayas and initiated by his master into many yogic practices. After a period of intense spiritual practice, he was sent to the West and at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas, demonstrated the capacity of the mind to control involuntary physiological processes such as heart rate, temperature, and brain waves. His work in the United States continued for 23 years, during which time he established the Himalayan International Institute. In 1993, he returned to India where he established the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust. He died in 1996. His teachings, embodied in the words, "Love, Serve, Remember," continue to inspire many students on the path of yoga.

This paperback contains Swami Rama's lectures on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. The first four are: (1) Now yoga science is being expounded. (2) By gaining control over the mind and its modifications one can attain the highest state of wisdom. (3) When you come to realize your essential nature, you get freedom. (4) You are constantly identifying yourself with the objects of the world. That is why you are suffering.

Swami Rama has some very interesting things to say about discipline as self-commitment, becoming aware of your habits, being a citizen of two worlds, awakening the conscience through practice, and setting aside the pull of the strings of attachment. "The most dangerous trip in the world is called 'an ego trip,' " he declares. One obstacle to achieving our true nature of peace, happiness, and bliss is surrendering to fear, but there are very concrete ways to face and examine our fears. The purpose of all this spiritual work is to ultimately achieve samadhi, the state of wisdom and tranquility.