What You Will See Insideā€¦ is a series of illustrated books designed to show young readers ages 6-10 the who, what, when, where, why, and how of traditional houses of worship, liturgical celebrations, and rituals of different world faiths, thus empowering them to respect and understand their own traditions and those of their neighbors. What You Will See Inside a Catholic Church was released in 2002.

In his foreword to this volume with full color illustrations by Aaron Pepis, Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed, Secretary General of the Islamic Society of North America, writes: "Welcome to the mosque. There are many beautiful mosques around the world with Islamic architecture and design that may vary from country to country. You may be wondering what 'mosque' means. It comes from the Arabic word masjid, which means a place where you bow and prostrate. That is exactly how Muslims worship in mosque. Muslims believe that they are standing up in the presence of God in straight lines and kneeling and bowing before Him in humility and gratitude. Peace and tranquility in the prayer hall help the worshipers focus on their prayers. While bowing and kneeling and reciting verses from the Qur'an, they believe they are talking to God, who is listening to them closely."

Chapters in this volume include explanations of the call to prayer, peace be upon you, cleansing the body and the mind, dressing modestly, praying together, praying separately, sharing what God gives, fasting during Ramadan, celebrating after Ramadan, preserving tradition, pilgrimage to Mecca, practice makes perfect, learning about Islam, and a place to pray. There are definitions of qibla, minaret, topee, minbar, zakat, imam, and other Islamic terms.

What You Will See Inside a Mosque will satisfy the curiosity of non-Muslim children about the worship and rituals of this major world religion. It will also provide Muslim children with a refresher course on their own tradition.