David Spangler has been involved in the New Age movement for 35 years. For him, and for millions of others, it signifies something more than crystals, occultism, UFO abductees, and navel-gazing. A Pilgrim in Aquarius offers a personal account of Spangler's active involvement in this global movement. As one of its most articulate and thoughtful philosophers, he outlines New Age as involving a planetary perspective, ecological awareness, new paradigms of science and technology, and insights into personal empowerment and responsibility. Spangler sees it further as a genuine folk movement, a community of imagination where everyday spirituality, co-creativity, and world-building go hand in hand.

The author responds to criticism of New Agers as being individuals who focus exclusively on light (the Tinkerbell syndrome) and disregard evil. In the closing pages, Spangler salutes the on-going energy of the New Age movement with its resources of vision, experimentation, and optimism about the future.