Caroline Myss presents an innovative exploration of modern mystical experience on this audio recorded before an audience. Whereas spiritual seekers in the past often cut themselves off from the world, today we must locate the divine within our everyday life in the world. But when we invite God into our lives and begin to ponder the meaning of prayer and guidance, we may undergo a dark night of the soul. As Myss cleverly puts it, "Mysticism is not the ultimate pleasure cruise." The Holy One does not fit our expectations or play by our rules.

According to Myss, we must accept aloneness and chaos and get rid of our spiritual fantasies. Some of the most helpful portions of this spiritual retreat are when the author spells out ways to practice patience, gratitude, imagination, and creativity. Once we see with spiritual eyes, "there's no such thing as a small task." Myss has put it all together on these two cassettes, an examination of the modern mystical journey where psyche and soul are nourished together.