This story revolves around two orphaned sisters brought up by their guardian aunts who are witches. Sally and Gillian learn how to wear blue for luck but are unsuccessful in their adolescent efforts to be normal or popular. Access to the supernatural is a heavy burden to bear, and all of the women in this clan stagger under its weight. As adults, the sisters are unlucky in love. Gillian moves aimlessly from man to man while Sally, following the death of her husband, relocates from Massachusetts to Long Island with her two daughters. Years later, they are united when Gillian arrives at Sally's doorstep with the corpse of her lover. Alice Hoffman's novels always touch upon the mysterious aspects of life — especially love and loss. In her 11th novel, these two themes are given ample play. "Practical Magic" is a fine brew mixing equal elements of clairvoyance, suspense, and the supernatural