"The rabbis explain that when people deal with envy and the affective conflicts relating to the other, they are exploring the frontiers of the human being," writes Rabbi Nilton Bonder.in The Kabbalah of Envy.. This is one in a trilogy of works inspired by the Jewish saying, "A person is known in three ways: by his cup, his pocket, and his rage." The other two books are "The Kabbalah of Money" and "The Kabbalah of Food" is forthcoming. The Brazilian author is a masterful interpreter of the Kabbalah and an astute commentator on human behavior.

"Envy," according to Rabbi Bonder, is "a vampire who feeds not on his own vitality but on that of others." Like anger, gossip, and negative emotions, it "pollutes the heart." Instead of resenting the happiness of others, we can practice "farginen," a Yiddish word meaning making a pact with another person's pleasure or success.

Throughout this wonderful and wise volume, Bonder uses Hasidic stories and anecdotes to illustrate that what is done here is reflected there. All is one in the Kabbalistic worldview. "Life is a process of dynamic equilibrium, and everything that contributes to it is good only in moderation." Bonder passes on behavioral prescripts for reducing internal and external discord and, best of all, he comes up with spiritual practices that will help you stop the pollution of your heart. You'll never view your enemies in quite the same way after reading this extraordinary book.