Entering the Tao by Hua-Ching Ni presents practices and attitudes from the path of the Integral Way that "help, conserve, nourish and refine the subtle energy." In Taoist arts and metaphysics, energy is the key to a full and vital life. Hua-Ching Ni, who has written more than 45 books on Chinese philosophy, healing techniques, and related subjects, contends that a "fresh, alive, elastic mind" is a solid foundation for spiritual self-cultivation.

These pages offer a smorgasbord of insights into Taoist wisdom. "To discover magnificence in every moment of life," Master Ni writes, "is truly life's greatest reward." He outlines the potencies of yin and yang, the values of spiritual soberness and spiritual tipsiness, some conditions of longevity (such as take care of old problems), the nutrition of light and dark, two kinds of walking, and some guidelines for a healthy natural lifestyle. What is clear in all of this is that a student of the Integral Way is "gently in motion" avoiding the excesses of stagnation and restlessness. Entering the Tao celebrates spontaneity and flow as the wellsprings of a creative and fulfilling life.