This book examines the mystical path to maturity for the believer. Instead of dwelling on the sin which separates us from God, medieval mystics emphasized that "we bear the image of Christ but have not yet grown into his likeness." Similarly, Christian faith is not about affirming certain beliefs but about establishing a relationship with God and finding traces of his presence in daily life. Simpson presents conversion, purgation, illumination, dark night, and union with the Most High as phases of Christian maturity. The challenge is to recover the divine likeness through solitude, loving awareness, and prayer. There is a constant temptation to cling to, grasp at, and reject God's gifts. The mystical travelers of the past offer resources to help us withstand these temptations and to focus on "the art of becoming one with God." "From Image to Likeness" is a soul-stretching volume filled with fresh insights into grace and spiritual growth.