Richard Rohr, a Franciscan author and retreat leader whose last book was Job and the Mystery of Suffering, turns to the New Testament with this book. His commentary emphasizes the early church's story of its experience with God. Today we struggle — as early Christians did — with the mysteries of life, death, freedom, and grace.

With razor-sharp acuity, Rohr delineates some of the major themes of Luke: the universality of Jesus Christ, the life-transforming power of forgiveness, the major role of women in the faith community, the bias toward the poor, the danger of power, the Kingdom now, mercy and inclusivity, the missionary focus, and the absoluteness of God's reign. The author not only excels in this overview but is equally perspicacious in his ability to see significances in small matters. For instance, Rohr reveals that Joseph must have been an extraordinary father or "Jesus couldn't so readily have called God 'Abba'." You can depend on this author to consistently come up with unique insights and epiphanies that cut to the soul of things.