"The sending of the Holy Spirit is the revelation of God's indestructible affirmation of life and his marvelous joy in life," writes German theologian Jurgen Moltmann. In his inspiring and gladsome lectures, collected in this new book, the author reflects upon the outpouring and the indwelling of God in hope, the charismatic powers of life, spirituality, ecology, and prayer.

Moltmann recalls that even during the three years he spent as a prisoner during World War II, he felt the warmth of God's love. In one of the best chapters, he meditates upon sanctification as "rediscovering the holiness of life and the divine mystery in all things." Reverence for the earth ought to inspire us to cherish and protect her. Reverence for life ought to compel us to stand up against those who violate the human spirit through personal and institutional acts of violence.

Moltmann savors the plenitude of the Holy Spirit and the variety of spiritual gifts within the community of believers. He wants the church to be a place where the full and individual love of life is affirmed and celebrated. He ends this collection of lectures with a meditation on prayer as coming awake.