There are messages from the other world that break through into our consciousness showing us the way. They may come from voices in a crowd, the gesture of a mysterious stranger, or the chirping of a bird. Dianne Skafte, a professor of depth psychology and a psychotherapist, explores this phenomenon in When the Oracles Speak. According to the author, "To receive an oracle is to receive guidance, knowledge, or illumination from a mysterious source beyond the personal self."

Nearly anything can serve as a vehicle for oracles and Dr. Skafte explores several of them — dreams, card readings, emissaries of the natural world (trees, birds, bees), and the words of contemporary prophets. Taking our cue from ancient folkways, we can tap into the spiritual resource of oracles by opening to expectation, daring to trust, and using our imaginations. Dr. Skafte's insightful commentary on the legend of Delphi, Ascleptian dream temples, shamanism, the shadow side of oracles, and the practice of ensouling the world helps set the stage for her discussion of making a place for oracles in everyday life. When the Oracles Speak is a wise and practical work that will enable you to make proper use of this sacred art.