Thomas Keating is a Cistercian priest, monk, and abbot. He resides at St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado. This book consists of 100 selections from Father Keating's works including the bestselling Open Mind, Open Heart. These short readings provide inspiration and guidance to those who want to practice contemplative prayer.

"A single moment of divine union is more valuable than a long period of prayer during which you are constantly in and out of interior silence," writes Father Keating. "It only takes a moment for God to enrich you." This exquisite spiritual resource will enrich your understanding of faith ("the total surrender of our faculties and all of our being to the truth inside and outside ourselves"), silence ("God's first language"), grace ("the presence and action of Christ at every moment of our lives"), and service ("service without seeking any return characterizes the Ultimate Reality"). Keating also has some important things to say about combating the false self, seeing suffering and death as "new levels of knowledge and love," and viewing contemplative prayer as "the process of inner transformation."