The Tao of Sports is an audio masterpiece consisting of 81 short meditations. With a potent blend of imagination, humor, and brevity, Bob Mitchell salutes the relevance of Taoism's abiding truths (balance, harmony, resiliency, humility, poise, serenity) to sports.

The game is all there is to the true athlete. She knows that it will draw out the best in her with its mix of mystery, paradox, flow, and intangibles. Sport is a great spiritual teacher that gives us unforgettable lessons in patience, openness, anonymity, trust, freedom, respect, limits, and much more. Those who compete against us also challenge us — they are mirrors of our own discipline, desire, commitment, and passion. In the game, all we have to do is invest all of ourselves and we'll be repaid in full. The Tao of Sports by Bob Mitchell is a great example of applied spirituality.