"To be a person is to have a story to tell. We become grounded in the present when we color in the outlines of the past and future, Mythology can add perspective and excitement to your life. Within each of us there is a tribe with a complete cycle of legends and dances, songs to be sung. We are all born into rich mythical lives: we need only claim the stories that are our birthright" (2) write Sam Keen and Anne Valley Fox in this extraordinarily useful resource. The book is divided into sections on the present, the past, the future and cosmic time. Through theoretical maps (philosophy), travel hints (Viewpoints), and firsthand accounts (Stories), the authors help us to become conscious of the myths that animate our days in both our private and public domains. Keen and Fox hit the mark with material on relics and talismans; gifts and wounds; miracles, magic and synchronicity; the art of fantasy; and friendly eyes or deadly watchers. By the end of Telling Your Story, you will have a much deeper appreciation for the many voices that run through your consciousness and the variety of shows in the private theatre of your psyche. Sharing the story of one's life-memories, dreams, fears and hopes-is the path to dialogue and the road to spiritual renewal. .