A student of yoga since 1986, Julie Rappaport is a yoga teacher and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is founder and director of Yoga Bliss and offers yoga workshops and retreats internationally. For information about her programs, visit her website yogabliss.com.

In this fine resource, Rappaport presents wisdom for each day of the year. She has mined the rich writings about yoga in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions and come up with a feast of quotations for the body, mind and soul. Here are some samples:

• Yoga is a generic name for any discipline by which one attempts to pass out of the limits of one's ordinary mental consciousness into a greater spiritual consciousness. (Sri Aurobindo)

• If you find a good solution and become attached to it, the solution may become your next problem. (Robert Anthony)

• When you truly feel equal love for all beings, when your heart has expanded so much that it embraces the whole of creation, you will certainly not feel like giving up this or that. You will simply drop off from secular life as a ripe fruit drops from the branch of a tree. You will feel that the whole world is your home. (Sri Ramana Maharishi)

• Do your practice and all is coming. (K. Pattabhi Jois)

• Take any one thing. What you don't know about it is always larger than what you know. (Swami Dayananda Saraswati)