Here is a wonderful devotional paperback for all those who love and care for animals. "Prayer is where love of God and care of animals, the unseen and the seen, meet together. Each us can be helped by prayer, and animals can be helped, too," writes Carol J.Adams who has a master of divinity from Yale University and has taught at Perkins School of Theology. Here you will find thoughtful and sensitive prayers for animals in shelters, those who have been abandoned or endangered, animals who are killed on the road and those who die without a place to call home. These are intercessory prayers for beetles, ducks, chickens and for worms who find themselves stranded on pavement after rain.

It takes so little effort and yet it means so much to include animals in your daily prayers. Adams shows us the way with this one:

May all creatures
Those beginning to breathe
And those ending their breath
Those alone
And those in herds
Those ill
And those healthy
May all creatures
Know Your Love.

Anyone who has a pet knows the tension and the struggle that often ensues when it is time to take our loved ones to the vet. Here is a short and swift prayer for that occasion:

I pray for the hands of the vet
May they be steady and quick.
May they be careful and sure.
May they repair and may they heal.
May they be Your hands.

This is a perfect gift for family and friends. To read more about the author's work check out her website: