In this beguiling sequel to The Holy Man (1995) Susan Trott has written another parable about the spiritual life. Joe, the 73-year-old head of a mountaintop hermitage, decides to take Anna, his successor, on a trip to meet Chen, his original teacher whom he hasn't seen in 25 years. Before they leave Joe muses on the spiritual qualities of his monks. On the road, Anna realizes that all of their experiences — meeting a crippled woman, visiting with children in a park, being robbed by a thief — are occasions for her to learn about the spiritual practices of patience, generosity, kindness, and fearlessness. Although Anna is not impressed with Chen who oversees a university-city with 1000 students, it is clear that Joe has come to honor his teacher with his death.

Susan Trott's parabolic gem shines with insights into the relationship between teachers and disciples. It also reveals that the world is a school for our enlightenment. The Holy Man's Journey is so simple and so profound that we can hardly wait for the next installment about Anna's vocation as a holy woman.