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A Moth to the Flame A novel about how Rumi's life was transformed through his relationship with the wandering dervish Shams of Tabriz.
The Fifth Mountain Reveals the secrets of true questing.
Flannery O'Connor's Religious Imagination A substantive interpretation of the role of grace and meaning in the fiction of this important Christian writer.
The Actual A novel about taking the leap of love.
The Vicar of Sorrows A novel by A.N.Wilson about the faith crisis of a middle-aged clergyman in England.
Revelations A novel about an Episcopal minister in the 1950s who has a vision of God.
Frederick Buechner: Novelist and Theologian of the Lost and Found A fine overview of Frederick Buechner's many and varied writings.
Red Fire An inspiring fantasy that will speak to your heart about a girl from a small town that resists change and her mysterious and magical journey from fear to love.
The Habit of Being Zeroes in on the gravitational center of this Southern writer's religious and artistic vision.
Lion Country Novel about a knight of faith who bestows the lilt of life to those he meets.