This paperback is a revised and updated edition of A New Christian Yoga published in 1989. Nancy Roth is an Episcopal priest and writer with an ecumenical ministry in spirituality. She draws on her background in music, dance, and theology to offer retreats, workshops, and classes that enable others to discover for themselves the integration of body and spirit.

Hatha yoga originated as a spiritual practice within Hinduism and has crossed over into different religions and cultures around the world. It involves postures, breathing techniques, and concentration exercises. The goal is to bring together body and mind, the human and the divine, and the self and the world.

Nancy Roth has been teaching yoga to Christians for many years. She started offering weekly classes for business people at the parish center of Trinity Church, Wall Street. In this useful paperback with illustrations by Susan John Mangam, she provides of 25 exercises based on hatha yoga. The sequence of movements known as The Salute to the Sun has a section of its own, and the stretches are done to the petitions of the Lord's Prayer. On another page, Roth suggests prayers to accompany other postures. For example, along with Head Rolls, you might say, "God, be in my head and in my understanding." Or with Shoulder Rolls, you might pray, "Christ's yoke is easy and his burden is light." The paperback also includes an instructional 62-minute CD.