Jews have been celebrating the Passover for centuries in a special meal called a seder. Jesus celebrated this feast with his disciples at the Last Supper. In this brief paperback, which is part of the Many Mansions series of Paraclete Press, Baptist pastor Michael Smith and Rabbi Rami Shapiro have collaborated to create a Jewish Passover seder specifically designed for Christians. As they note in their introduction, "Serious Jews and Christians have much to learn from one another. We do not have to become like one another in practice or belief to do so. In fact, exposure to our differences may help us to grow in faith and understanding."

This Passover Guide provides: a complete plan and script for leader and participants in a seder experience; questions and answers on the symbols of Passover; explanations of the major themes of the Exodus story (slavery, freedom, and one's relationship with God); and a chance to come to a deeper appreciation of Jesus and his Jewish roots. As the leader says in his welcome: "The entire Passover meal is a celebration of our rediscovery of God's order and the liberation that comes when we refocus our attention on the only thing we can control: our decision to surrender control of our lives to God." This is a perfect example of a multifaith resource that brings Jews and Christians closer together.